alphaJET Ink Jet Printers

The alphaJET ink jet printers are designed provide clear and legible codes at an affordable price with minimum work and maintenance.

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Bottle Coding

Gem printers and inks provide the best date codes on any bottle or plastic surface for beverage packaging.

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Wire and Cable Marking

Gem has been a leader in delivering wire marking systems for over 60 years. We are the pioneers behind ink jet technology for wire and cable.

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We manufacture inks with vast color options, fast dry times and environmentally conscious formulas. Our chemists have extensive experience with pigmented systems, no need to give up performance for color.  We offer a combination of dye-based and opaque formulas that provide outstanding contrast on any surface making our inks ideal for all applications. Every aspect of ink production is done through our own lab so it performs flawlessly with our equipment.

GEM continues to research and produce new ink formulations to anticipate future trends. Whatever your insulation compound choice, GEM inks are the best match for a durable code. You can trust that our formulations will outperform the competition in quality, legibility, and adhesion. Ask a GEM representative about custom ink formulations.

Let us show you why we are Famous for Ink.

  • Bandmarking Inks

    Provide secondary identification to you insulated wire using bandmarking.

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  • Ink Jet Inks

    We offer a range of ink jet inks, tailored for marking different surfaces. We'll match an ink to your marking needs or create one for you.

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  • Contact Inks

    Description: All-purpose solvent and water based formulations for a multitude of insulations and applications. Used for marking and striping in continuous wire manufacturing applications. Gem has been creating contact marking and striping inks since 1952.

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  • Eco-Friendly Inks

    Our exclusive formulas offer low to no Volatile Organic Compounds while still providing high contrast print with excellent adhesion.

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  • Coating & Dyes

    All purpose solvent and water based formulations for a multitude of insulations and applications.

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