alphaJET pico

Print the smallest codes in the highest resolution with minimal downtime at an economical price value.

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Ink Jet Inks

We offer a wide range of ink jet inks, tailored for marking different surfaces including the wire and cable industry. We'll match an ink to your marking needs or create one for you.

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Ink Jet for Fluoropolymers

During 2012 Gem chemists developed two ink jet inks for marking Fluoropolymers. The BKG7761 Black and GNG7765 Green are designed for use in ink jet printers.

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Wire and Cable Marking

As wire manufacturing and wire processing increase in complexity, the need to identify individual wires has grown more important. Printing information on wires can aid assembly, simplify troubleshooting, and provide production traceability. Gem has been a leader in wire and cable marking since 1952. The wire and cable applications for ink jet printing include two main categories: wire manufacturing and wire processing.

Gem offers specialty inks and equipment to successfully mark on even the most difficult wire surfaces.

Wire Manufacturing:

In wire manufacturing, the core of the wire or cable bundle is put together and wrapped. The bundle is covered in jacket material via extrusion. Wire manufacturers may start with bare metal and produce the final product.

Putting an identifying mark on freshly extruded wire can be challenging. Each time an extrusion line stops without good reason, there is time and money required to restart it.  The wire identification technique you choose needs to keep up with a continuous process and thrive in tough conditions.  Heat from the extruder cross head, and moisture from the cooling troughs, make this work difficult for the faint hearted wire printing system.  At Gem, we have mastered the wire identification process.

Ask about our specialty inks and printing equipment for wire manufacturing applications.

Wire with White Ink

Wire Processing:

In wire processing, wire is obtained from a manufacturer in bulk and processed as needed.  Wire harness manufacturers use special equipment to draw the wire from storage, measure, mark and cut it.  Sections are combined together to make electrical harnesses for automotive or other applications.  The cutter equipment can also place a terminal on each piece of wire if necessary.

Wire harness applications require precision and speed.  The perfect wire printing system is agile and easy to integrate. alphaJET ink jet printers blend into the process.  Gem inks are specifically designed to dry fast and resist automotive solvents.  See our patented wire harness inks.

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