Continuous Ink Jet Printers

Industrial ink jet printers are an economical and easy way to add variable information to surfaces of any size or shape. The alphaJET ink jet printers are designed to do the job at hand with a minimum work and maintenance.

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Ink Jet Inks

We offer a range of ink jet inks, tailored for marking different surfaces including pharmaceuticals. We'll match an ink to your marking needs or create one for you.

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Pharmaceutical Codes

Product traceability is a challenge for every pharmaceutical producer today. New requirements arriving every day make a flexible system for coding important. In this industry the highest quality coding is required and that includes legibility and contrast.

Reliable marking equipment can ease the stress of changing regulations by providing data matrix codes on pharmaceutical packaging and medical parts. A small array of drops and spaces can be packed with information and every cell of the code communicates critical information. Most marking and coding companies create these codes with a single drop in each matrix location.

The alphaJET printers bring users 4 small drops per cell which increases code accuracy and improved read rates. Let GEM provide these advanced marking and coding solutions for Pharmaceuticals for you.

Pharmaceutical Pill Pack

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