alphaJET into

The alphaJET into ink jet printer prints economically with the highest quality, fastest production speeds, easy operation and low maintenance. Perfect system for everyone who demands high reliability and low cost of ownership.

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UV Fluorescent Ink Jet Ink

FLG5466 ink jet ink creates invisible codes. The ink is clear in the bottle and invisible on most surfaces when printed and glows blue under UV light.

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Anti-Counterfeit and Brand Protection

The easiest way for imitators to capitalize on your brand equity is to create packaging with your name on it and their shoddy merchandise inside.  Consumers may not recognize the difference and as a result your brand could be blamed when the product does not measure up. Protect your brand and packaging using a DNA solution with Gem Gravure inks.  A DNA solution provides an invisible code that ensures the authenticity and identifies counterfeit imitators.

The DNA MATRIX™ ink is applied to the UPC barcode on your existing packaging.  This counterfeit-proof marker easily identifies which packaging is genuine and which packaging is counterfeit.  Special scanners can read the the DNA and the barcode for easy authentication.  It is simple and cost effective. Counterfeit products can be identified and removed from the marketplace.

The cost of diverted shipments and the counterfeit of high end luxury products grows every day. The use of DNA provides even greater protection.  Gem’s custom strand of DNA can be added into nearly any ink jet fluid we sell.  Once a printed code is collected, analysis proves the product is authentic (DNA present) or counterfeit (DNA missing).

For a reasonable licensing fee, a custom DNA strand can be created exclusively for your company.  Contact Gem to learn more.

Key Benefits

  • Low-cost solution that can be applied to existing UPC bars
  • Controlled release of security marks to companies or licensees
  • Instantly verify marks with small hand-held scanners
  • Strategic liaison with professional field investigators for detection of counterfeit
  • packaging
  • Constant marketplace monitoring for compliance by licensees and audit reporting to licensors
  • Combination of measures and technologies can be customized to meet individual requirements

Bottle Printed with UV Ink

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