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The alphaJET into ink jet printer prints economically with the highest quality, fastest production speeds, and easy operation. Perfect system for everyone who demands high reliability and low cost of ownership.

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The YLG3364-LE yellow ink is the perfect solution for bottle marking applications. It is capable of printing on surfaces with moisture.

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Beverage Coding

Beverage coding protects the consumer and the producer.  The expiration date makes your brand transparent to your customers and assures your product’s freshness. In the unfortunate case of a quality or safety recall, your facility can efficiently trace the bad batch using a lot code with a batch number without compromising the whole production.

This means that the equipment, inks, and processes are essential to your beverage coding application. Even on difficult surfaces such as moisture, Gem can provide the right code for any surface.  Whether it is plastic, glass, or cans, there is an alphaJET ink jet printer to do the job.

Stay tuned for an update on our booth information for the 2016 Craft Brewers Conference.

Three Reason to Choose GEM for Beverage Coding Solutions

1) Inks Made in the US for Over 60 Years: GEM has been specializing in ink manufacturing since 1952.

2) Product Knowledge: our staff take time to understand your needs.

3) Reliable Performance: from ink to printer, GEM product perform flawlessly day after day.

Our printer was featured in the Jack’s Abby article in the Packaging for Craft Brewing edition of Packaging World.

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