hpdSYSTEM moto

hpdSYSTEM moto is used for dot markings in the tire production process. The use is resulting in a considerable reduction of verification and production costs for the tire manufacturers.

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Fully lab tested opaque, pigmented formula to resist automotive fluids and designed for wire harness marking applications.

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How many parts does it take to build a car? The answer ranges upward to 13,000 and that does not count all the pieces in each assembly.

The parts include gaskets, tires, brake pads, vulcanized rubber hoses… the challenges are endless. You need an easy-to-use marking and coding system to code each individual part that goes into the final vehicle. In the long run, the ability to trace each individual part will allow you to cost effectively conduct service and part recalls? ¬†Using hot stamp, create a code to show you the ‘sweet spot’ for tire rotation or a machine readable 2D code for replacement parts.

Let Gem show you how to:

  • Print product specific information on a generic box for oil filters, spark plugs, etc.
  • Apply codes on tires to speed balancing.
  • Put bright codes on raw rubber before its formed into automotive hoses and gaskets.
  • Mark small wires during the cut and strip processes to identify wire harnesses.

Tire Marking with Hot Stamp

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