Wire and Cable

As wire manufacturing and wire processing increase in complexity, the need to identify individual wires has grown more important.

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alphaJET into

The alphaJET into ink jet printer prints economically with the highest quality, fastest production speeds, easy operation and low maintenance. Perfect system for everyone who demands high reliability and low cost of ownership.

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Beverage coding protects the consumer and the producer. The expiration date makes your brand transparent to your customers and assures your product’s freshness.

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The food industry requires a unique type of code to meet regulation standards. Expiration dates and lot coding provide traceability in the case of contamination and an easy way to perform first in, first out methodology.

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Industries & Applications

How do you mark and code your products?  Marking methods vary depending on the surface of the material.

For wire and cable applications, the wire temperature and speed are just a few of the many variables that can affect the print sample. In beverage applications, a print sample can vary due to condensation that occurs during the filling process of bottles. The highest quality codes are required for Pharmaceutical applications due to strict rules and regulation. It is imperative that the right ink and equipment are chosen to effectively complete your manufacturing process and satisfy regulations in your industry.

Gem is a leader when it comes to coding your product. Tell us about your application and we will provide you with the marking and coding solution.

  • Wire and Cable Marking

    Gem has been a leader in delivering wire and cable marking systems for over 60 years.

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  • Automotive

    Look to Gem for ways to mark everything automotive like brake pads and wire harnesses.

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  • Food Packaging

    We provide superior inks and equipment to meet the coding standards of today's food packaging code requirements.

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  • Beverage Coding

    GEM inks and printers provide codes to confirm product freshness and provide traceability.

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  • Pharmaceutical Codes

    Pharmaceutical coding becomes more critical every year, you need the highest quality codes with the highest contrast and legibility.

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  • Anti-Counterfeit and Brand Protection

    Working with DNA Technologies, Gem can offer invisible codes which are only visible with our proprietary scanner

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