alphaJET Continuous Ink Jet Printers

Industrial ink jet printers are an economical, easy way to add variable information to surfaces of any size or shape. Ink is printed through a nozzle smaller than a human hair. The printhead breaks the stream into charged and deflected drops resulting in a legible code. Not all ink jet printers are created equal. You need a fit for your application and budget. The alphaJET ink jet printers are designed to do the job at hand with a minimum work and maintenance.  GEM is proud to be the exclusive reseller for KBA-Metronic ink jet printers.

  • alphaJET evo

    Designed for advanced printing applications, provides fastest speeds and highest quality.

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  • alphaJET into

    System of choice for mid-range coding applications, provides easy operation and high quality print.

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  • alphaJET mondo

    The alphaJET mondo is a basic continuous ink jet printer for simple coding applications at an affordable price.

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  • alphaJET pico

    Print the smallest codes with the highest resolution and crisp images in small spaces.

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  • code-M

    A suite of software modules that allow remote monitoring, control and creation of print labels.

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  • diamondBRIDGE

    The diamondBRIDGE acts as a data bridge between the line operator, quality control personnel and the ink jet printer.

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  • diamondJET connect

    diamondJET connect is GEM’s windows PC based message design and print control software for automated primary marking. Control print jobs from anywhere.

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