Gem offers a wide variety accessories.  With any accessory, your printing equipment has the opportunity for increased efficiency, mobility, and effectiveness.  Based on your printing needs, a unique accessory will be your solution.

  • Wire Guide

    A wire guide will increase wire stability during your wire marking process.

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  • Adjustable Stand

    Add additional equipment to your wire marking line with a stand.

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  • Boom Arm

    Conveniently adjust the vertical and horizontal position of the printhead for convenient marking.

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  • Sample Making Slide Table

    A slide table allows samples to be printed quick and easy and convenient.

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  • Cleaning Assembly

    The cleaning assembly keeps the alphaJet printheads clean for future printing jobs.

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  • XY Printhead

    The XY Printhead allows a printhead to be shifted horizontally and vertically while maintaining a steady print.

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