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GEM is dedicated to providing the highest quality marking and coding equipment. All of our industrial printers are backed by our team of technical service experts. Ink jet printers serve wherever a fast, easy to apply code is needed. Contact printers, bandmarkers and print wheels are designed for wire and cable marking applications. Additional equipment offerings include thermal ink jet, hot stamp and thermal transfer systems. We provide marking and coding equipment to a wide variety of industries including wire and cable, food, beverage and pharmaceuticals.

If you need to put a code on your product, GEM has the marking and coding solution for you.

  • ttPRINT Inline

    High resolution print unit with adjustable print widths and easily changeable foil cassette.

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  • hpdSYSTEM vario

    Hot foil printer cassette unit for individual product coding which is technically advanced and easy to operate.

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  • hpdSYSTEM nano

    Miniature hot foil printer with exceptionally small dimensions and edge-mounted print head for the use within packaging machines with minimal available space.

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  • udaFORMAXX

    The udaFORMAXX will simplify any production line marking processes.

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  • ttPRINT XS

    Designed to specifically meet the need for a small, easy to integrate printer for tight and narrow spaces using packaging and labeling machinery.

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  • hpdSYSTEM moto

    The hpdSYSTEM moto is used for dot markings in the tire production process. The use is resulting in a considerable reduction of verification and production costs for the tire manufacturers.

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  • alphaJET Continuous Ink Jet Printers

    The alphaJET ink jet printers are designed provide clear and legible codes at an affordable price with minimum work and maintenance.

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  • Band and Ring Markers

    Dependable systems for well-defined band marks.

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  • Contact Printers

    GEM's innovative systems for wire and cable printing.

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  • Print Wheels

    Make a great impression with GEM marking wheels.

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  • Accessories

    Add accessories to your printing systems to add increased functionality and efficiency.

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