Wire and Cable Experts

The wire identification technique you choose needs to keep up with a continuous process and thrive in tough conditions. At Gem, we have mastered the wire identification process.

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Easy to use, Reliable, Compact

The alphaJET mondo is a perfect match for simple expiration date or production code applications.

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Bottle Coding

Gem printers and inks provide the best date codes on any bottle surface condition.

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Decision makers from the world’s top pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies alongside thousands of others will attend PACK to see how their packaging can improve to enhance their brand. Get a FREE PASS.

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  1. Ink Jet Inks

    We offer a range of ink jet inks, tailored for marking different surfaces. We'll match an ink to your marking needs or create one for you.

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  2. alphaJET Continuous Ink Jet Printers

    The alphaJET ink jet printers are designed provide clear and legible codes at an affordable price with minimum work and maintenance.

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  3. Wire and Cable Marking

    Gem has been a leader in delivering wire marking systems for over 60 years.

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  4. Beverage Coding

    GEM inks and printers provide codes to confirm product freshness and provide traceability.

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Famous for Ink

Since 1952, Gem Gravure has been providing the best printing technology and fluids for marking wire & cable. Gem started with the original patented process for gravure marking wheels, introduced continuous ink jet (CIJ) to wire manufacturers and specially engineered inks for those tough applications. Now the benefit of that experience is available in all forms of coding. From bottling craft brews to manufacturing electronics, Gem creates product combinations that make your life easier. Ink jet coding is a Gem strength.

The Latest

  • Patent Published

    Gem is pleased to announce the publication of our new patent US20130260037 which is an inkjet ink for printing on PTFE.read more

  • International Cable Connectivity Symposium

    Meet with expert wire and cable industry leaders to see the latest in technologies with valuable industry data.read more

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