Wire and Cable Experts

The wire identification technique you choose needs to keep up with a continuous process and thrive in tough conditions. At Gem, we have mastered the wire identification process.

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Easy to use, Reliable, Compact

The alphaJET mondo is a perfect match for simple expiration date or production code applications.

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Bottle Coding

Gem printers and inks provide the best date codes on any bottle surface condition.

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  1. Ink Jet Inks

    We offer a range of ink jet inks, tailored for marking different surfaces. We’ll match an ink to your marking needs. Learn about our inks and how to get a printed sample

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  2. alphaJET Continuous Ink Jet Printers

    Industrial ink jet printers provide a simple and economical way to add variable information to surfaces of any size or shape. The alphaJET printers are designed to meet your coding needs and fit your budget.

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  3. Wire and Cable Marking

    Gem has been delivering wire marking systems for over 60 years.

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  4. Thermal Transfer Printers

    Hot-stamping is a simple, economical method for marking a set message. Our sturdy thermal printers will print day after day without fail at 300 dpi. Learn more about our thermal transfer and hot-stamping systems.

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Gem Gravure

You put a lot into your product, pride and hard work.  What if you could track a single piece or a whole lot through a simply applied code?  What if that portion of your manufacturing or packaging line was so dependable that you could concentrate on making product and satisfying your customer?  Let Gem Marking & Coding make product identification the easiest part of your process. From wire marking to date coding, Gem provides premium marking systems combined with unique industrial ink jet inks. Bring us your coding challenge and we’ll meet it.

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The Latest

  • TEXAS Pack 2015

    Gem will be in Booth 429 at TEXAS Pack 2015 to provide a solution to your current package identification needs.read more

  • PACK EXPO 2015

    Decision makers from the world's top pharmaceutical manufacturers, food and beverage companies alongside thousands of other CPGs will attend PACK to see how their production can improve to enhance their brand.read more

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